Advanced events for developers

Create hooks to trigger events from your apps and services.

Customize routes and actions. All in real-time.


Create a new event hook that you can send events to


Customize your own automated route to perform actions based on the event data


Send events, and watch everything in real-time

Flexibility to do (almost) anything

Track events

Build advanced server recovery

Implement continous integration

Create error and exception alerts

Monitor all your scripts and services

Send data to other services

Build automated actions and flows with Logica

We made Logica, a tiny programming language for custom logic flow. With Logica

you can create error alerts, continous integrations and lots more.

counter = 0

[if (counter > (10 - 3))]

	[print counter " is higher than " 7]


[if (counter < 10)]

	counter = (counter + 1)

	[jump 2]


[if (counter)]

	[print "counter is higher than " "1" 0]



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